Blue Moon Moments- Moon Flower Journal

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Blue Moon Moments journal captures the essence of rare moments, feelings and thoughts. The blue cover with a picturesque full moon and clouds represents the journal's theme. The journal pages are filled with lined paper and features inspirational words and phrases to motivate and inspire you.

A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in the same month. A full moon typically occurs once a month. This journal was created to capture blue moon moments - rare moments and events that occur infrequently, and those that may be overlooked or forgotten. Whether it be a chance encounter, momentary thought or emotion, or unexpected experience, Blue Moon Moments provides a space for you to record and reflect on the special moments of you life's journey.

This 6x9 lined journal can also be used as a daily journal, gratitude journal, or a place to set your intentions and affirmation. You can carry this wherever you go. And makes a perfect gift for those who appreciate all of life's small and rare moments.