Messages from the Oracles- Moon Flower Journal

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Last year April began creating Moon Flower journals for those on a journey of mindfulness, self discovery and healing. Her journals are available for purchase at L.O.V.E Locally Owned Vendor Emporium. 

The Messages from the Oracles is a perfect journal for anyone who enjoys the wonderful world of of oracle card readings. This journal includes both grid and lined page, making it a wonderful tool to record your individual card or oracle spread readings intuitive messages and insights. Mystical images are also featured on each lined page, and this bronze journal has a crystal ball presented on the front cover.

The grid pages provide space to draw oracle card images or spreads, while the lined pages are available to record your interpretation and insights. Whether you are a beginner, expert or card creator, this journal is an excellent tool to record your readings, and deepen your understanding of the messages.

This 6x9 journal can go with you and your oracle deck wherever you go. It makes the perfect gift for oracle card deck lovers or anyone interested in tracking their oracle card journey.