Blissful Being- Moon Flower Journal

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Last year April began creating Moon Flower journals for those on a journey of mindfulness, self discovery and healing. Her journals are available for purchase at L.O.V.E Locally Owned Vendor Emporium. 

Blissful Being is a daily meditation log created to help you with your meditation journey and achieve a state of blissful serenity. Whether you have been meditating for years or a beginner on your meditation journey, this journal provides space for you to track your daily practice, reflect on your progress, and record your experiences.
The journal features a beautiful image of a woman sitting in lotus position, surrounded by a mandala. This image serves as a reminder to take time each day to achieve inner peace, balance and harmony.

Each page of the journal includes space for the date, duration of your meditation practice, type of meditation, daily affirmation, as well as any insights, messages and observations. Record sensations felt in your body, what you may have seen, heard, felt or known during your practice. An image of a different mandala is also featured each day to enhance your meditation experience.

This 6x9 journal is for anyone who practices mindfulness, meditation, yoga or shamanic journeys. And makes a wonderful gift for anyone looking to strengthen their inner peace.