Feathers of Fate- Moon Flower Journal

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Last year April began creating Moon Flower journals for those on a journey of mindfulness, self discovery and healing. Her journals are available for purchase at L.O.V.E Locally Owned Vendor Emporium in Winnipeg.

Feathers of Fate is a lined journal that will inspire you to reflect on life's divine timing, and how everything happens for a reason. The cover has a beautiful white feather with it's reflection, which serves as a reminder that there are no coincidences in life. Each page is embellished with a different feather image to represent new beginnings, growth, change and transformation.

This 6x9 journal may be used to record your messages from the Universe, as a journal for self reflection or creative writing. You can also use this journal to set your intentions and surrender to divine timing, This journal also makes a perfect gift for those who are on their journey of self discovery, spirituality and healing.