My Truth - Moon Flower Journal

My Truth - Moon Flower Journal

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My truth is a blank lined journal with an ombre blue cover and an image of the throat chakra symbol. The throat chakra represents communication, creativity, self expression and speaking one's truth. This journal was created to help you express your thoughts, emotions and authentic self with clarity.

Throat chakra affirmation prompt starters are featured inside the journal. These prompts can be used to help you create affirmations, explore who you are, and how you would like to express yourself authentically to the world.

This journal is a safe space to record your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and dreams. Use it as a tool to identify your truth, process your emotions and life situations, and live your life in alignment with you authentic self.

This 6x9 journal makes a perfect companion or gift for anyone who practices mindfulness, meditation or yoga; and anyone ready to take a journey on self-reflection, personal growth and living life authentically.